Wednesday, 5 December 2012


This card was sent to me from Hoorn - the province in the  North Holland.
"Hoorn" is a very old Dutch word for "corner", the cost makes a bend there.

It is located on the IJsselmeer, 35 kilometres north of Amsterdam, and acquired city rights in 1357. Hoorn has 70 196 inhabitants. The area of the municipality is 52,49 km² (32,62 km² consists of water, mainly the Markermeer), and consists of the following villages and/or districts: Blokker, Hoorn, Zwaag, and parts of Bangert and De Hulk.
Cape Horn, the most southerly point of the Americas, was named after the town by Willem Schouten, who rounded it in 1616. The Hoorn Islands are also named after this city.

The City Of Hoorn has a twin city status with:
  • Beersel, Belgium, since 1979
  • Malacca Town, Malaysia, since 1989
  • Příbram, Czech Republic, since 1992

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